Like the lotus...

We have the ability to rise from the mud, grow out of darkness, and radiate to the world.

Does this resonate with you?

You've been told you're "too sensitive" or "too emotional." You feel like you can't trust yourself to make decisions, because you always "screw it up" and your mind is constantly going, replaying memories or rehearsing for the future. You find yourself in similar unfulfilling relationship patterns that leave you questioning your worth and loveability. You lose yourself in relationships, putting others' needs before your own. You're questioning if it can ever really be different.

How can therapy help?

I specialize in helping individuals regain a trusting relationship with their intuition. In my practice, I help support you in connecting with your inner voice, learning to recognize and honor your intuition. I help in finding more authenticity in who you are, integrating the different parts of yourself so that you are able to live more deeply, fully, and in congruence with who you are.

During our time together, you can develop more self-compassion and self-acceptance. You can grow a deeper more fulfilling relationship with yourself and those around you. You can build healthy habits and thought patterns that support you in your growth. You can learn to listen to your own inner wisdom and begin to let go of guilt, anger, and shame. You can become more grounded and present in everyday life, allowing you to live more authentically and experience more wholeness even in life's challenges.

Teens and Adolscents


Heal from your past, connect to your authentic self, and grow towards your future.



Grow your identity, develop coping strategies for life’s challenges, and set yourself up for a successful future.



Come together and learn how to communicate, support, and connect with one another.