"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silent the mind" - Caroline Myss

Trauma Focused Yoga

Mindfulness, Movement, and Meditation

I believe yoga is a journey and practice of finding balance in life’s dualities. It stretches and strengthens our bodies and minds. It empowers us to sit with discomfort and encourages us to embrace change. It teaches us to connect with our breath and move mindfully, whether it’s in our practice or in our everyday lives. It enables us to connect with our intuition and deepen our intrapersonal relationship. Yoga teaches us the freedom to be our true and authentic selves.

In my class, I will provide you space to show up exactly as you are. I approach my classes with a trauma-focused, weight & size inclusive, and social-justice oriented lens. I believe that you know yourself and your body the best, and I will honor your practice and space. I will offer modifications to either cool or heat your practice, allowing you the choice to do what best serves you in the moment. I will encourage you to be curious with yourself, enabling you to gather information without passing judgements. Most importantly, I will offer you reminders to stay in the present moment, connecting with your breath, your body, and your spirit, both on and off the mat.

I look forward to sharing this practice with you.

While I typically like to teach a full 60 minute class, we can find a time and frequency that works for you.

Sliding scale spots available.